According to this recent article by Kye White from StartupSmart, “Dogecoin and cryptocurrencies could offer the best solution to monetising online content, […]”

This means that in the near future, millions of content creators will receive dogecoin tips for their creations, ideas, comments or code that they have provided to the general public for free so far.

The article further quotes  Rick Baker from Blackbird Ventures:

“Baker says the appeal of tipping in dogecoin is due to its low value. Someone can tip 500 dogecoins, which on current price is just under 10 cents (AUD).”

In fact, the overwhelming majority of tips are small amounts (micro transactions) and the vast majority of content creators will not necessarily become doge billionaires.

Nevertheless, they eventually want to spend their dogecoins on something. Something small. If you have been tipped for your creative thought, your code snippet or your content, your are also more likely to reward other people’s creativity. People are probably less likely to leave a tip for another aww picture of a snow leopard cub, but the tip someone who put a lot of thought into his creation.

Once you receive your first tip, you are fully aware of that and it creates this intrinsic feeling that you have to pay it forward. This  explains parts of the huge success of dogetipbot. However, once you have accumulated some dogecoin, bitcoin or litecoin tips, you would probably want to spend them on something else. Maybe you want to spend it on something creative as well to carry on this feeling of paying it forward, while buying goods and services.

This means that we have a very particular, new group of consumers. First, content creators are creative people (duh!) and a lot of them value individual creativity very highly. Second, they are tech savvy and they are more likely to engage in online transactions then the average consumer (again, duh!). Third, a lot of them have a limited budget, because it is hard to become rich from tips.

Therefore, this new trend in tipping cryptocurrencies will create a huge demand for small and creative products, microjobs and services.

That’s why platforms such as dogerr and muchmarket will gain importance in the near future.


dogerr is a dogecoin service and microjobs platform where service providers can easily set up a store and offer small services, microjobs and freelancer task for fixed or flexible prices (comparable to fiverr or odesk).

muchmarket is a dogecoin markeplace where vendors can set up a store and offer their own physical and digital creations. You can sell digital downloads such as music, eBooks, comics, code snippets, plugins, themes, sounds, as well as physical products such as arts, crafts, gifts, beauty products, gadgets and much more. Muchmarket can be thought of as the dogecoin economy’s own etsy and envato.

We, the owners of dogerr and muchmarket also follow the idea of paying it forward. For us creating the websites was not much of a creative process. What  makes a site alive are its users. The hundreds of micojobbers, vendors, artists, programmers, developers, musicians, authors, designers, who have already joined us and created an amazing community on our websites.

Without those users, dogerr and muchmarket, would be nothing more than empty, boring themes.

Charging the only creative elements on our webpage fees for offering their creations would be like a slap in our users’ faces. You do most of the important work, why should we ask you for money.

That’s why dogerr and muchmarket are FREE to use!

If you appreciate what we are doing, leave us a tip. That’s all we ask for, because


We will take you to the moon!







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