A great member of the dogecoin community, dimifw, has organized a thunderclap to celebrate Dogecoins 1st birthday.

  • DogeCoin is the easiest to use CryptoCurrency (Digital Currency). It is secure due to the huge distributed network of open source software.
  • The static 1 Doge ($0.000365 at the time of this post) transaction fee sweeps PayPal’s 2-20% fee (depending on size of transaction), and PayPal can hold your money without your consent. DogeCoin is 100% local and stays on your computer (unless you use an online wallet) until you make a transaction.
  • You couId send 10,000 DogeCoin (about $3.65 at the time of this post) from your computer to a friend of yours for the fee of 1 Doge ($0.000365 at the time of this post). You will forget that the fee was even there before then, that’s how little it uses.
  • A large community at reddit.com/r/dogecoin to help you get started! And they give you some free money if you are new (hint: just say you need help, don’t say you need money. We don’t like it if you directly beg.)


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