About dogerr.com

dogerr offers creative people the possibility to buy and sell microjobs and freelancer services for dogecoin.


dogerr.com was born in January 2014 and was therefore among the earliest members of the dogecoin economy. It’s founders are Paul, Steph, Carmen, and Noah, who all live, love and work in Melbourne, Australia.



How does dogerr work:

  • Service providers can set up an account and offer microjobs and freelancer services. You can offer as many services as you like and present them on your vendor’s service page.
  • Service categories include, among others, Programming, Graphics & Design, Writing and Translation, Digital FabricationEducation & Research
  • Buyers simply contact the service provider using a contact form on the service provider’s profile page to check availability and terms.
  • If you are happy, you transfer the dogecoin to our escrow system using our payment gateway coin payments.net
  • Once the service is delivered we will transfer the dogecoin to the service provider.
  • If the service is not delivered, we will transfer the dogecoin back to the buyer.

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And there is more …

  • dogerr hosts a dogecoin job board, where people can easily post jobs using a simple form and hire microjobbers, freelancer or part-time workers and pay them in dogecoin. Setting up a job post literally takes 3 minutes.
  • Job seekers can apply using an easy form and start working for dogecoin.


And now the best thing:

  • Using dogerr.com is ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • There are NO FEES to post a service or a job.
  • There are NO COMISSIONS if you sell something or hire someone.
  • Basically, we try to run the site on a Pay-The-Fee-That-You-Want system. (If you like our service you can tip us. If you don’t, we still like you!)

Join us, show us your creativity and start earning dogecoin!

What else …

We are also the creators of muchmarket.coma dogecoin marketplace where you can buy and sell physical and digital goods for dogecoin (again, it’s free!). dogerr and muchmarket combined build and ecosystem that hosts over 400 goods and services and is home to over 550 users.

We will take you to the moon!

The dogerr team