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    Selling Gift E-Gift cards; Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, Carter’s, Walmart, Best Buy and others.

    E-gift sell different brands of American cheaper

    SHOP : Wolfcc.ru
    ICQ : 694107586
    Skype : wolfcc.ru

    Product quality, sold exclusively in one hand to give a replacement guarantee 5 days, during which time it can be easily otovarit.
    I work only a guarantee of service for large parties, the guarantor for my account.

    What is a Gift, and what are they for?
    GIFT is a prepaid gift certificates with a fixed balance of the various shops

    Certificates are as a plastic and as a digital code, they look like this WTGD-DHGT-2ETD-38YT and called E-gift that is electronic gift. All shops producing data Gift, accept them as payment of the goods, this kind of Gift I sell.

    Use Gift at Amazon example, you just need to choose the method of payment Gift Cards and enter the code Gift, money written off from the balance Gift cards and the purchase will be paid

    Similarly, you can use any Gift, any other store.
    This product can be safely taken to your address, it can not be recall

    Always available. Denominations 100 $ 200 $ 500 $ 1,000 $

    Amazon – 25%

    Ebay – 20%

    iTunes – 30%

    Walmart – 20%

    BestBuy – 20%

    Carters – 20%

    Starbucks – 15%

    Gift prices are in% of the nominal value

    I will answer all the questions, the first contact in PM :

    SHOP : Wolfcc.ru
    ICQ : 694107586
    Skype : wolfcc.ru

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