About the Download

2D barcodes like QR-Codes (these with well known squares in three corners) or Aztec codes (similar, but only one square in center) are gaining more and more popularity, but in most applications they are used in their pure obscure black and white form. On the other hand the algorithms behind them allow to alter them a bit to be more visually appealing – use non-standard colors, or insert visual elements inside (as error-correction algorithm will dismiss errorgenous information).

I offer painting these codes as beautiful watercolour handpainted pieces of art. Just give me the URL, message (or whatever could be encoded as a barcode) and I will generate and paint a code containing the provided piece of information (and make sure it is still readable for mobile devices).

I can send you the painting either as a physical piece (postage increases price) or as digital scan (enhanced to be readable when displayed on a screen).

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