About the Download

Basically I got this idea from the professional voice actor who did a pay-what-you-want thing to spread the dogecoin love.

Since I both enjoy this kind of thing myself as well as wanting to improve further, I figured I should put this up for offer as well.

Here is a sample where I tried doing one of the requests that went out to him myself, basically for your answering machine comedy:

http://soundcloud.com/anythingwilldonow/matthewisbusy01 (Downloadable, too)

And this is just me goofing off. I am fairly sure I could do better, these are all quick "just for sampling" recordings.


The evil laugh is really where its at. :p

We can discuss how much you want and how much you’d like / can pay for it if there is any demand. 🙂

I would also consider doing private/non-public recorded nasty talk for men/women when supplied with text.

Please be kind, this is my very first foray into attempting this kind of thing and I am in it for a mix of the lulz, the love and the doge.

EDIT: Just wanted to note that I have now done a few jobs already with awesome feedback for the same offer at


so check out those posts if you are looking for more samples.

Feedback so far:

Man that’s simply amazing, you are now officially my friends ringtone

Thank you, this soundbyte has come in handy three times

Hey dude… I Just heard the tune, and i like like it much


I put job price at 100 Dogecoin, however it basically is "pay what you want and can".

If it is something I can do in a few minutes and its fun I am fine with any amount. If its something larger, we can discuss it in detail.

You are always free to just contact me through reddit directly and use the doge tipbot for payment!

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