About the Download

I have a home servere severely unused with 500+GB storage space.
It’s behind a 100/10mb fiber connection in France, the upload isn’t great but suffiscient for hosting a website with light media files.

I can install a wordpress, Drupal, Owncloud or other service and open ports as you wish, the server is online 24/7 and you can expand your storage depending to your needs.

I can also let you access the Torrent client (I will check the files you add before download because laws are very strict in my country).

Of course, your files will NOT be touched, I have RAID drives to prevent failure.

Message me if you’re interested with the space required, the price is for 1 year with the 5GB plan.

I acccept Doge, Litecoin and Bitcoin as payment, know that the server is legit and in my possession.

No illegal activities (hacking, copyright infreignement etc.)

email server included FREE on request (you have to configure it and get as much adresses as you like)


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