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Hello Doge Community! Welcome to Tetra9 Consulting! We are working within the Colorado Cannabis Market and offer services through Doge coin! Below are an in depth overview of the full services we offer.

Feel free to reach out with request, we are offering the Doge Community a special priced service for questions and inquires into the Cannabis industry! Get in touch with us through our website at www.Tetra9Consulting.com

Services Offered

Advocacy Organizational Support: With years of advocacy support, we can help establish organizational goals and secure objectives. Further, organizational expertise for event planning and execution which will allow your advocacy impact to be further empowered with power through numbers. Finally, our team specializes in grassroots efforts to creatively side-step obstacles and logistical challenges needed to successful run an advocacy campaign.

Fundraising Campaigns: From traditional event fundraiser planning to letter campaigns and online funding options, we have extensive experience in non-profit fundraising techniques. Further, business ventures looking for funding avenues, we can provide direct connections to those with financing options in cannabis industry; ancillary or direct.

Cannabis Specific Knowledge: Our Colorado based consulting firm has the expertise within the Cannabis realm needed to succeed. From regulatory insight to historical and medical Cannabis knowledge, we have it covered.

Cannabis Industry Connections: We can help provide the industry connections needed within the Colorado Cannabis Market.

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