About the Download

Hello, shibes! I’ve worked at a health food market for over six years, and in that time, I’ve come to learn a great deal about health and nutrition. And now I want to put that knowledge to work–FOR YOU!

* How to get more gains
* Lose weight, look WOW
* Why is my skin so dry?
* I can’t poop <_<;
* I'm pooping too much!
* Be a stud (in the bedroom)
* I have horrid body odor: Is that normal?

Help with all these and more! I'll offer advice and suggestions on adjusting your diet and your lifestyle activities. I can also suggest supplements depending on your preference. I will NOT be offering medical advice or suggesting prescription medication. (Consult your doctor for medical issues.) Expect a page-length response.

*RaptorFranko is not a doctor or a dietitian and does not offer medical advice. RaptorFranko offers only advice, does not guarantee physical improvement.

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