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Endless Possibilities

So my friends have been asking me how I jailbroke my Iphone and got all this cool stuff on it, and I’m bored sooo here I am :p
For Ð1250, this is what I’ll offer you:
-Advice on what software to use,
-how to use that software,
-how to deal with errors,
-a full walkthrough the process,
-personal support for what issues you are having with it,
-and a bundle of Cydia apps/tweaks/themes I recommend.
You will personally need:
An I-Device with working home and lock buttons,
a computer with Itunes,
a working charger compatible with that I-Device,
and hands.
To buy, buy the product, and just post email me here with your idevice and ios version : charlie_joe_clark@hotmail.co.uk I’ll get back to you.
DISCLAIMER : I do not support piracy of apps or any software, so I will not be giving you links to sources and tweaks that allow you to do this. Sorry. Also, when you jailbreak your I-Device, there is always a risk of breaking it, although it is small. None of the software I recommend to you will harm your Computer or I-Device, but there is no guarantee. I take no responsibility if your I-device or Computer is harmed in any way. Usually if things do go wrong, the worst thing that happens is your device is restored to the latest iOS available on it, and a jailbreak is rendered impossible until a new one comes out.

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