About the Download

I have a lot of free time and I decided instead of binge watching Game of Thrones since that show is amazing I am going to be doing drawings. I do these drawings hand drawn in a photoshop-like client and it’s just a good way to pass time. It will work by you will request what you want then once I complete it I will send you the picture as well as my dogecoin adress 🙂

Meme man: | http://imgur.com/NxtKJWd |

Dried Cow Fetus Jokes: | http://imgur.com/BUg2LJV | http://imgur.com/h8rIXIk | http://imgur.com/iA6FkMJ |

Flying Fish: | http://imgur.com/wtea1MQ |

Doge themed drawings: | http://imgur.com/TFwawgA | | http://imgur.com/VEshaUr | | http://imgur.com/F2036Hh |

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