Dear all,

This is Steph, the co-founder of

  • muchmarket, the dogecoin marketplace to buy and sell digital and physical goods, and
  • dogerr, the dogecoin freelancer and microjobs platform.

Thanks to the initiative of /u/GoodShibe, Shibe Saturday has been successfully running for months now.

The purpose is to increase the use of dogecoin as a medium of trade, e.g. to buy and sell goods and services.

We have been running muchmarket and dogerr since January and February 2014, respectively. Since then, our webpages have become the home of over 500 vendors and over 1,000 users who regularly exchange dogecoins for creative, beautiful, and outrageously crazy things.

On muchmarket

On dogerr you can get freelancer and microjobber to help you out

If you are looking for help, you can also post a job request on the dogerr job board.

And there is more …

We offer all of these services for FREE, because we will take the dogecoin community to the moon!

Our goal is best defined by one redditor’s statement about the future of dogecoin in early 2014:

“In 2020, will have superseded”

We will take you to the moon!

The dogerr team

TL;dr: It is Shibe Saturday; Support the dogecoin vendors and freelancer on muchmarket and dogerr!

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