One of the most active members of the reddit-dogecoin community, /u/GoodShibe, wants to create a Dogecoin Hype Video and is looking for creative people to help him!.

Below is part of his original post on /r/dogecoin.

If you think you can help, just PM him.

Initiatives like those will help us all to go to the moon!

This week has been all about Hype, trying to help get our sub hopping again and reach out to those who’ve helped us in the past.

We reached out to our artists, we reached out to our Hype Video content creators and now we’ve started our own Hype Video Contest.

And, within our first day our Prize Pool sits at 1.12 Million DOGE!

So, now is where we throw the ball to you.

We’ve created the environment where greatness can thrive – but we need you to help get the word out.

We need you to promote the heck out of the new Dogecoin Hype Video Contest!

We need you to reach out to our Artist Shibes and ask them to come back.

I’m doing my very best, but I can’t do it alone. I can’t possibly reach out to every Shibe, former or otherwise, and try to bring them home – I just don’t have that kind of time in my day.

But you can help!

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